Cancer chemotherapy essay

Cancer is life altering and people are diagnosed for some type of the disease every day. It primarily discusses what chemotherapy is and the history and research of it. In his article he explained what cancer is and other general topics such as incidences, causes, diagnosis, and the way it develops.

Long-lasting diarrhea or vomiting Bloody stool or blood in your urine Ask your cancer care team if there are any other problems they should know about right away. They can renew themselves through cell division and become a part of organs or tissues with specific functions.

The DNA directs the cells to divide and stops the division when not required. Breast Cancer Side Effects Depend on the type of drugs, amount taken, and the length of treatment.

It described how chemotherapy was used and what a patient should do before taking the drugs for cancer. But some vitamins might make chemo less effective. Cancer has taken the lives of many patients starting atdeaths in toin The article did not mention what cancers chemotherapy works best for. Things changed inwhen I came to the U.

She was effective in describing cancer, however; she could have provided more information on the cause of cancer. In this article the name of the patient is unknown, but a description of what they felt of the chemotherapy was described in detail.

My brother sent me an article stating, "The word chemotherapy is linked to healing although its origins derive from the deadly mustard gas used in World War I. They are beneficial enough to treat cancer to the point of almost getting rid of it all together.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

This information provides statistics regarding cancer in men and women. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs or treatments. A tumor tissue test will reveal if the cancer has estrogen or progesterone receptors.

Although stem cells have been proven to be helpful, they also have caused a worldwide controversy. Some drugs specifically attack cells in a particular phase of the cell cycle like the M or S phases. Cancer spreads inside the body rapidly and infects other organs, called metastasis: This lump increases rapidly causing ulcers.

Two treatments that are responsible for being most effective in cancer research are chemotherapy and stem cells.

Chemotherapy Essays (Examples)

Many chemo drugs lower the number of platelets for a time. Annotated Bibliography Szabo, Liz. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 21 Feb. Andres Goth, an M. And abroad, particularly in Ethiopia.

Few studies have been done to fully test this theory. Liz also went into detail on what the causes of cancer are and how to prevent cancer.

People want to know more about the use of stem cells and what they one day could be capable of, but those questions cannot be answered before many experiments have been preformed on stem cells. Unusual bleeding or discharge of blood. Unfortunately, though many substances have been found to interfere with the growth of cells, their use in chemotherapy has been limited by the fact that such substances attack both normal and malignant tissue.

The viral oncogenes may interact with the oncogenes of the cell, called proto-oncogenes and take control of the cell function. Cause and Effect Essay According to the National Cancer Institute, there are an estimated two hundred and fifteen cancers in the world.

Liz Szabo, a reporter from USA Today, recorded a total of million patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Since cancerous patient rates continue to increase, new studies have been tested in order to discover treatment for cancer.

After Cancer Essay - After Cancer Twice a day, an email full of support, encouragement, and information arrives in the inboxes of the members of the Long-term Cancer Survivors mailing list. The topic of discussion is often the “late effects” of cancer treatment. specializes in dx and tx cancer using chemo, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy.

Neoadjuvant given prior to primary tx to shrink the tumor to allow for a better surgical resection or to assess the response to therapy.

Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment

Marijuana and Cancer Essay; Marijuana and Cancer Essay. Words Mar 26th, 3 Pages. Show More. In fact, Cannabis can make chemotherapy more effective. A. Perhaps the most promising and controversial benefit of marijuana in cancer is the treatment of cancer itself.

Major cancer organizations – including the NCI and Cancer Research UK. Chemotherapy Effects in Cancer Patients Essay - Chemotherapy Effects in Cancer Patients When we hear the words, cancer treatment, our minds naturally.

Chemotherapy Research Papers examine the side effects, and how this treatment has helped treat cancer. Chemotherapy research papers are written for medical students, nurses and anyone enrolled in courses that study cancer.

Cancer chemotherapy essay
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