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What should be the nature of subjects and content of the subjects.

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The maintenance of peace, however, is not the only necessary condition for freedom since stability is required for authoritarian control as well; therefore, the spread of commercial activity is the most vital requirement for the progress of freedom.

Hence, we have to provide for varied courses and not one straight jacket. Sector has lots and lots of Business applications. Sector has lots and lots of Business applications. In an authoritarian state, this simply means that one group controls the government and benefits from this control; however, even in free countries, governments tend to develop and represent the interests of more powerful groups over others.

Our government is still not playing its proper role to promote Commerce Education on modern grounds. Since then it has experienced tremendous growth. Commerce and computers go together. But we can plan for the future. Commerce as a subject provides great information for the betterment of trade, systems of economy, circulation of wealth and the principles of working at different wealth institutions.

In addition, the diffusion of education would also be hindered under unstable conditions because it would be virtually impossible for people to become educated if schools were destroyed and students were compelled to engage in combat.

But it is matter of satisfaction that our private sector is very keen about this subject. If we analyze the enrolment during the last two decades see Table-5 in percentage terms, commerce share in total enrolment has increased from In such a case it is futile to expect wonderful results.

Business education offers good prospects for the ambitious person. Arts subjects appear to have lost their worth from earning point of view. What is the pedagogy. They are giving employment offers much before the course is complete. The only way to compete the International market is to improve our professional skills.

If everything is okay, just approve the order and download the final work. People were then able effect change within society, and possibly mobilize themselves, even over great distances leaving the propertied class more vulnerable to the non-propertied classes. European nations realized the great advantages of Commerce Education therefore their industry and trade spread rapidly.

Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan

It is not keeping pace with the changing business environment Many a time commerce graduates are found lacking communication and decision-making skills. Would you like them to be generalists or specialists in some skills.

Unpopularity of commerce at competitive examinations: Commerce as a subject provides great information for the betterment of trade, systems of economy, circulation of wealth and the principles of working at different wealth institutions. India opened its economy to world market by adopting a Vidyasagar University Journal of Commerce policy of economic liberalization.

How to ensure practical exposure. Therefore a lot of career opportunities for the students of commerce because they are able to manage a system, keep records of every activity and well aware of the method of public interest and marketing.

Commerce Education Essay Sample. The broad objectives of the University education are, liberal education with the aim of fostering in the students an attitude of objective enquiry and some understanding of the society and social change, of the problems of human relationships and the human and social implications of technological change, and.

The progress of freedom depends upon the establishment of a society in which no single group or class dominates and imposes their will upon all others, which, as Cobden correctly states, presupposes peaceful conditions, commercial activities and educational opportunities for its members.

Sep 13,  · English Essay on "Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan". The study of commerce helps in flourishing trade. The study of commerce is helpful in understanding the management, the rules and principles of business.

Commerce as a subject is very helpful to understand the usefulness of resources and income. The mixture of traditional marketing and commerce and Internet services creates a new form of marketing: e-marketing and e-commerce, that are the most common marketing tools for compnies these days.

This theories were not only analyzed in this essay, but also its modern and future possibilities, operations, effects and issues were compared.

Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan

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Commerce Education Essay Sample

Commerce Education and Employability Essay COMMERCE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYABILITY It is commonly agreed that education should aim at ‘holistic development’ of the individual. Further, such development should be in harmony with the society and the nature.

Commerce education essay
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